Perfect symmetry era 
Track Title: Broken Toy

Artist: Keane

Album: Under The Iron Sea


"Broken Toy I really love, probably because it came together so quickly, and was really easy(!). But that's definitely a song about ... well, it's particularly a song about the relationship between me and Tom. We've known each other our whole lives and we've always had a very 'brotherly' relationship, and that yields all sorts of great positive things, but it also occasionally tips over into sort of bad things because you know how to cut each other more deeply than anyone else does. It's just a way of confronting that, I suppose - just the fact that our friendships were changing. I guess it's a plea to try to cling onto that and not just let it slip away and not do anything about it until it's too late. It's a very explicit way of dealing with that, and I think it's quite a good example of how the album was for us; when you can't even talk about those things in normal everyday life, it's quite hard to be singing about them in a song, but I guess it's just our weird way of dealing with things(!).

Yeah - Tom's singing a song that I've written about him. But I think the great thing about the way we make music is that anything that I write is almost reflected in what the other guys feel most of the time, and that's why things work so well for us creatively. There are lots of songs that I write that the other guys just don't get - they might mean a lot to me, but unless the song really touches a nerve with all three of us, we won't do anything with it basically. But yeah, Broken Toy is a really intense one for us. It's great to be able to sing about those things, and to play that music and feel that you're somehow dealing with those things on a really primal level." - Tim - Podcast 6 (19th June 2006)

Track Title: Perfect Symmetry

Artist: Keane

Album: Perfect Symmetry


"Perfect Symmetry says, 'Instead of blowing yourself up, why don't you spend your time on this planet with the people that you love and make it a positive experience? It's about the extremes of the human condition. The way that people have this capacity for real greatness and achievement, yet also this ability to sabotage and destroy everything. I think that this album explores all of those themes - terrorism, people's love of power, celebrity culture, society's funny traditions and foibles. It's a sprawling epic with a hint of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to it. The subject matter is quite dark, but the message is very much about hope, and a belief that mankind can continue to produce beautiful things. A lot of people are having a hard time at the moment and I want people to be moved by it." -Tim [x]

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